Surgeries We Perform

Septoplasty: Straighten the Nasal Septum or Plate

This is a surgical procedure typically that was preceded by trauma. The plate that separates one nostril from the other, which is made out of cartilage on the anterior two-thirds of your nose, often times can be broken and deviated off to one side. This can lead to one or both sides of the nose being obstructed making it difficult to breathe. This often leads to exercise intolerance, snoring, mouth breathing, sore throats, nasal congestion, sinus infections, etc. It is a very common occurrence, but unfortunately does not get referred or treated as often as it should. A septoplasty is a procedure to straighten the nasal septum or plate and allow the person to breathe freely out of both sides of the nose. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and typically takes less than 30 minutes. Postoperatively, there is minimal discomfort and there is minimal recovery time in the facility. Patients are discharged with the doctor's cell phone number for direct access to the physician postoperatively. Packs are typically removed the very next day and the patient is followed on an outpatient basis for, the next 3-4 weeks. If you suspect you have a problem with breathing through the nose and you would like an evaluation by a board-certified specialist, please contact the Pediatric Ear, Nose, & Throat Clinic for an evaluation and consultation.