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Hearing Loss Surgery

Hearing loss surgery typically means that the child has either impacted cerumen in the ear or the child has fluid behind the eardrum. These are the two most common reasons why the child has hearing loss. A preoperative evaluation by a board-certified audiologist is usually recommended and if it is determined that the child either has a foreign object or has impacted cerumen or a child has fluid behind the eardrum, this can easily be handled on an outpatient basis by an ear examination and the placement of a pressure equalization tube. This typically is a 4-minute procedure done under anesthesia. The parents typically can accompany children into the operating room and hold their hands when they go to sleep. Postoperatively, the children recover very quickly from such a procedure and oftentimes the hearing loss is immediately improved. If you suspect your child has a hearing loss, please contact the professionals at the Pediatric Ear, Nose, & Throat Clinic at 1-800-526-0998.